Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 12 Days of Techmas - Day 7: Cooltext

Cooltext is bar far my favourite website for creating unique, exciting text logos. This is where I created the banner for Techronicity (try Alien Glow). It is similar to Wordart found in the Microsoft Office Suite. There are a number of preset logo types to choose from. You simply click on the type that you like and change the text in the box. Logos created here can be used in a variety of places, from classroom websites to student presentations.

If you need more variety than the preset logos, you can modify the presets in a variety of ways. Fonts can be changed to your liking and there are a variety of funky fonts to try.
In some of the text options colours can be manipulated, while in others the texture of the writing can be changed. You can also modify the thickness of borders as well as the location and thickness of shadows.

For some logos you can also add in a background image from a variety of default patterns. This can help your logo stand out.

The final step is to render the image. This is where your selection is created by the website in whatever file format you choose. If you choose a logo that has a transparent element to it (either a background or within the logo itself), you should render your image in a .png format (GIMP friendly). However, many websites and programs cannot handle .png files, in which case you should download your image as a .jpeg. Once your image is rendered, right-click on it and select Save Image As...

You may also want to check out Cooltext's Buttons. They would be a great addition to your website, blog or wiki page.

TOMORROW: Soundation Studio - Create your own music

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