Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 12 Days of Techmas - Day 2: Livebinders

Livebinders is a website where you can create, store and share valuable information for the classroom. After creating your virtual binder, you can upload pictures and files as well as create links to important websites. The websites will be displayed within the binder, meaning that students or collaborators do not have to navigate away from the other resources.

Within each binder, you can create different tabs (like pages), as well as sub-tabs to house specific links or documents to accompany what is on the page (See this Christmas binder). Speaking of examples, there is a large selection of featured binders that you are welcome to use. After signing up for your free account you can actually copy and modify public binders that others have created.

To learn how to use Livebinders, they have a tutorial section with videos and print help. You can also utilize Youtube for helpful videos.

Sharing is the greatest benefit of using Livebinders. When creating a binder, you can specify whether it is public (open for everyone to use and manipulate) or private (for your or you invitee's eyes only). When sharing your private binder, you can allow others to collaborate and build the resource with you (student project, possibly?). Students do not need to become users of the site to be able to access and use the binders. You also have the option of embedding your binder into a blog or wiki site.

For the visual learners out there, watch this:

TOMORROW: Wallwisher

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