Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The 12 Days of Techmas - Day 5: Blabberize

On the 5th day of Techmas, my Ed Tech brought to me... Blabberize! Blabberize is a very funny website where you can add sound and animate any picture you'd like. Take some time to browse through the thousands of pictures that have been Blabberized.

Blabberizing a picture is not simply just for fun. It can actually be used as an educational tool. For instance, if students were researching someone famous, they could blabberize a picture of that person and present their research from the famous person's point of view. Here's a great example of an educational use:

Once you've signed up to Blabberize, click on Make to begin animating your picture. You can upload any picture that you have (again, why not choose a funny one?). You select the mouth area and the degree to which you want the mouth to move.

When adding sound, you have the option of recording through a microphone or uploading a file that you already have (like a song). Blabberize will automatically move the mouth to the sound file. When you're done, click on Save, add a title, tags and a description. You then have the option to make your blabberized picture private (not searchable publicly) or mature (yes, there are some blabberized pictures with mature content - always preview first!). When finally saved, you can share your blabberized picture via email, URL or by embedding it into your page (see below). As an added bonus, you can actually convert your blabberize picture into a video for downloading!

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