Sunday, December 19, 2010

The 12 Days of Techmas - Day 10: Answer Garden & Urtak

Today's 2 for 1 special features two distinctly different polling websites, Answer Garden and Urtak.

Answer Garden is an easy to use tool to generate feedback on any topic. You could also use it for brainstorming. Once your create an Answer Garden, students can navigate to the URL and type in an answer to the question you have posed. Alternately, students can click on one of the answers that has already been inputted by another to vote for that response. The more one response is selected, the larger that word becomes (similar to a wordcloud). You also have the option to set a password for the Answer Garden to keep unwanted people from answering. Try out this AnswerGarden below:

How could you use Answer Garden in the classroom?... at

Urtak is another polling website with one crucial difference. It only asks Yes or No questions (you do have a "don't care" option as well). This site allows you to get quick feedback from students or parents in a simply way. When creating an Urtak, you can ask up to 10 Yes or No questions at a time.

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